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Hello, I am Mariana, my mission and passion is to accompany my brothers and sisters on special places filled with energies of Love..

Taking my pilgrim's staff fills my heart with joy, each particular place makes me feel in love with life and its mystery.
During my trips trough the Holy Land, Egypt, India and many other beautifull places,i became aware that travelling can be a great tool for the awakening of spirit and mind, a source of renewal and openness to the world.
Meet other cultures, ways of thinking and to behave allowed me to create living human and friendship relations based on generosity, hospitality and respect.

The programs of the proposed journeys are the fruit of human and spiritual experiences in those places that
will make you discover.
They are an invitation for an alive travelling experience; a path to the discovery of magical landscapes, historic monuments, fantastic people, an inner journey to meet our true nature.

Hard to describe with words! See it, live it, love it…

Places that will host us are beautifull houses and hotels that i personnaly discovered. The relations with the owners of those places are based on true friendships, trust, respect and cooperation.